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paint your own pottery hertfordshire


We LOVE a pottery party!!

Painters pick from a wide range of pottery; from cups, plates and bowls, to animals, figures and pots. We can teach a technique or just let their imaginations go!  Parties are for a minimum of 8 children aged 5+ and are £16 per painter, with £4 per child paid as a deposit and the balance paid on the day. Parties last an hour or an hour and a quarter, depending on the children's ages and you are welcome to bring a snack and drink for the children to have after they have painted. We ask that you keep to a maximum of 2 parents so the children can enjoy themselves - our staff will give you all the help you need.

Take your party to paint at home!!!

Alternatively you can take your party home! We can pack individual bags with a piece of pottery, paints and brushes and you return them to us for glazing and firing.

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